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Ripple Dental Care
Reliable.  Professional.  Friendly.


Kyra Zhang

Dental Nurse

Meet Kyra Zhang, a dedicated dental nurse and receptionist in Edinburgh, Scotland. With a Master's degree in Psychology.


Kyra brings a unique perspective and deep understanding of human behavior to her role. Known for her professionalism, patient-centered approach, and organizational skills,


Kyra ensures top-notch care for every individual. Beyond dentistry, she explores diverse cultures and has a passion for continuous learning and personal growth.


Andrew Liu

General & Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Andrew, a dedicated General and Cosmetic dentist in Edinburgh, Scotland, seamlessly blends art, design, and science in his practice.


With master's and undergraduate degrees in dentistry, his commitment extends beyond routine procedures to create a unique fusion of aesthetics and medical expertise. Driven by a belief in personalized patient care as an art, he excels in aesthetic smile design, crown and veneer placement, and clear aligner provision.

Beyond dentistry, he finds solace on the golf course, balancing his professional life with leisure. Andrew is not just a dentist; he's an artist and scientist dedicated to enhancing smiles and lives in Edinburgh.


Zoe Zhao

Dental Nurse

Zoe Zhao, a dedicated trainee dental nurse and receptionist in Edinburgh, holds a Master's degree in Design Informatics from the University of Edinburgh.


With a foundation in medical and industrial design, Zoe is known for her meticulous attention to detail and organised work style. Interacting with patients, she exudes sincerity and kindness, valuing each individual's unique story and concerns.


Zoe's background in music and art enhances her empathetic approach, making patients feel relaxed and quickly establishing trust. Formerly a piano teacher, she brings joy and inspiration to both the dental field and music, showcasing her passion and genuine commitment.

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